Comprehensive Instamate Review for My Buddy, Greg! (He’s a Newbie)

In this review of Instamate Web App, I will be explaining to Greg (my imaginary friend) what the app is, what it does, how it can help him make money on Instagram and answer a few more of his questions!

I will have golden tips here and there… to find them just scan the text and you will see black bold GOLDEN TIPs…pay attention to those! At the end of this review, I’m betting you that Greg will be dying to buy it, especially after I show him my Exclusive Bonus for InstaMate!

So stick around or just scroll down by clicking one of the titles below!

instamate web softwareJust a little bit of info before we get to the review:

Developer: Luke Maguire
Product: InstaMate Web Software
Launch Date: 2016-03-02 @ 09:00 EST
Early Bird Price: $37 (Regular price $57)
Official WebPage:
Niche: Software, Social Media Marketing, Instagram


Hey, So What Exactly Is InstaMate App?

I’m glad you asked, Greg! InstaMate is a Web App (you don’t have to install you on your computer and you can access it from your browser: Chrome, Firefox, Netscape).

This is good because you can use the Web App without having an expensive computer or laptop and you can do other stuff while InstaMate is making you money!

Another good thing is that the app can be accessed from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access.


  1. InstaMate is a Web App aka SaaS
  2. You can login from anywhere and any browser.
  3. It works while your computer/laptop is switched off!

Great! But What Does InstaMate Do? How Does It Work?

I knew you’ll ask me this, Greg! And I already have the best answer!

InstaMate is searching for viral (interesting) stuff in special places on the Internet and then posts that content on your Instagram account(s).

It looks for the most shared and viral text, videos or images in places such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. When InstaMate finds the content, it will either post it NOW or schedule it for LATER.

Everything is done without your involvement, Greg. So you can be enjoying a beer with me, while the application is getting you followers and later money (I will explain you how it does that a bit later).


  1. InstaMate searches YouTube, Twitter and Facebook for viral content.
  2. Then it posts the content immediately or leaves it for later to simulate activity!
  3. The processes are 90% automatic. You click a few buttons and you can go relax!

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What Is It, Greg? You don’t see the benefits of the InstaMate Web App?

Hm…imagine this scenario:

You want to make money on Instagram (EASIEST place to make money for NEWBIES). Your normal actions would be as follows:

  1. Create several real looking Instagram accounts ( a few hours of work)
  2. Find good, funny and interesting content to share on those accounts (can take hours each time you want to share something and is an ongoing task).
  3. Use software on your PC to make Instagram think you’re using a smartphone (you have no clue how difficult this is)!!
  4. Manually upload, edit, post the content to your accounts (ongoing task / about 10-20 minutes per account each time you do it).
  5. Repeat. Give Up. Come Back. Repeat. Give Up…

And Now…Enter InstaMate!

Task 1 – You’ll still have to do this on your own (I will help you)

Task 2 – It will take you a few minutes to find content for days and weeks in advance!

Task 3 – No need for such software

Task 4 – Done automatically!

Task 5 – Make Money. Repeat. Make Money…

Ok…Thanks for clearing this up for me, Bro! It makes sense to use this web app instead of wasting time with daunting manual tasks!


  1. Extremely difficult to do it manually. It takes a LOT of time and effort for low amounts of money!
  2. Sooo much easier if you use an automated tool such as InstaMate!

InstaMate Demo – Enjoy, Greg!

instamate review

You Keep Saying “InstaMate + Make Money”! How Will This App Make Me Money?

Don’t worry, Greg…this is a tough question but I’m on it! In order to explain this o you, I am going to start with a few basics. Don’t worry, it wont take long!

To be able to make money on Instagram you need large amounts of followers!

To get large amounts of followers, you need one or more accounts with cool, trendy, viral, interesting or funny content! And the accounts MUST be active – meaning you must post content regularly….this is a MUST!

Once you have the followers, you can start the money making process.

Money making process on Instagram can be:

  • Directly promoting some affiliate offers, CPA offers (win iPhone, Gift Cards and more) or sell your instagram-stats-digital-marketingown products or services!
  • Sending your followers to your website where you promote the above OR have Adsense types of networks.

Pay Attention Greg! Here Comes a GOLDEN TIP: You can create niche specific accounts (cars, beauty, cats) and SELL them to other marketers!! Such accounts are worth 000’s of dollars! I’m serious…the more real/active followers – the more expensive the accounts!


  1. If you have active accounts – you get followers – you make money promoting stuff to them.
  2. You can sell your accounts with followers to other people for lots of money!


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My Final Words on This Web App and Stuff In General!

Hey…so the time has come when i have to end my Instamate Review and face you with a tough decision.

You basically have 3 choices:

  1. Buy Instamate Web App & Start Making Money on Instagram (Also get my Cool Bonus)
  2. Ignore my advice and wait for “better reviews” – in the meantime the price goes up, you pay more and there won’t be any bonus.
  3. Decide that Instamate Tool is NOT for you and then complain on Internet Marketing forums that you can’t make money online!

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So…enough chit-chat…let’s get to buying!


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InstaMate Web App
InstaMate Software is probably the best AIO Instagram Tool! 100% Recommended!
Brand: InstaMate
Manufacturer: Luke Maguire
4.6 based on 39 reviews
$37.00 New

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